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An international network of independent law firms.

To meet the needs of commercial clients against the background of the increasingly international nature of business, ADVOC aims throughout its member firms to provide legal services on a transnational basis trough Latin America (ADVOC Latin America), Europe (ADVOC Europe), Asia and the Pacific region (ADVOC Asia).

Each of the firms in ADVOC are know and respected in their own jurisdiction for their expertise and service and have the ability to make immediate introductions or referrals for specialist advice in other jurisdictions to firms operating there the lawyers in which are know personally to them.

These services may be provided directly by the firm in a particular jurisdiction or through the member firm in the client´s own jurisdiction, whichever best suit the needs and interests of the client. No fees or commissions are charged for introductions.

As the world becomes more and more a global village it is the aim of ADVOC to extend both its own and its associated networks to such other regions and countries as the requirements of the clients of its member firm dictate.

Membership of ADVOC in each country in which it is represented varies according to the size of the country, the volume of commercial activity and its legal requirements and also national considerations. Firms who are members are required to meet certain strict standards and are only admitted with the approval of existing members.

ADVOC is continually striving to strengthen its membership and the representation throughout Europe and its associated Asian network is doing likewise in its region.

The members of the network are all equipped with up to date communications systems enabling them to maintain speedy and efficient contact which each other at all times.

National and international legislation is changing fast. The scope of legal services provided by lawyers is changing equally fast to meet these requirements. ADVOC meets the need for accurate and up-to-date information on the law in each countries both in which it is represented.

Through regular contact within the ADVOC member firms are kept better informed on the impact of legislation and the prevailing commercial conditions in each other region. As a result they are each better able to serve the clients´ need particularly during the early planning phase of any proposed new foreign projects.

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