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Reyes Rius is a prestigious Uruguayan Law Firm, with a strong reputation and an historical legal tradition due to the extensive performance of the members of the Reyes Family in the area of the Law.

Reyes Rius was founded in 1949, by Dr. Joaquín Reyes Rius. In 1968 his eldest son, Dr. Joaquín Reyes Delgado, was incorporated to the office , followed by his oher son Dr. Martín Reyes Delgado, in 1982 and, more recently, his grandchildren, Dr. Joaquín Reyes Puig (1996), Dra. Lina Reyes Segade (1998). Cr. Francisco Reyes Puig (2000) and Dr. Manuel Reyes Puig (2001); Cr. Gervasio Reyes Ruano joined in 1982, Dra. Esc. Marta Pacciotti, Esc. Leslie Isasa and María Lucia Reyes Ruano in 1996.

This law office has correspondents in Uruguay and its proffesional activities include the state of Maldonado due to the major importance that Punta del Este, the first Beach Resort of South America, has in that part of the country particularly in matters of real estate, tourism, hotels, trade and investments, specially from foreign countries.

As a result of the activity and performance of its members within the Public Administration of Uruguay, this law office has developed a vast experience and a wide participation in counseling in matters of bids and proceedings with governmental entities and agencies. We can speak and work in English, French, and Portuguese.

The philosophy underlying our work is: highly professionally qualified members, always committed to efficiency to keep pace with the present dynamics, both locally and internationally, with a wide range of legal counseling and representation of companies and individuals.

Our clients are real leaders in their own business activities and their confidence in us is our best testimony of capability and competence.

The true belief that the objectives of our clients also are ours determines our involvement in any and all instances of our professional services.

The last element we would like to emphasize is our experience of more than 50 years of uninterrupted professional activity with many of our principal clients. .


Circunvalación Durango 383 Esc. 401 - 402 - Phone: (5982) 916 3509 / 916 3483 - E-mail: - Montevideo - Uruguay